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Siyum Hatorah and Simchat Torah Services were Special and Exciting!

Temple Shalom is very fortunate to have such lovely and generous members as Chuck and Laura Von Schmidt! They donated a beautiful Kosher Sefer Torah to Temple Shalom. On October 21, 2011 we had a Siyum Hatorah ceremony where we brought the Torah from the rear of our sanctuary to the bimah under a chuppah so it may receive its righful place in cantorour ark. The ceremony was followed by music, singing and dancing together with the unrolling of the Sefer Torah so that we could read the last aliyah and the first aliyah of the Torah. We had 7 hakafot (circles) with our Torahs in full celebration of Simchat Torah – as we celebrated the Joy of the Torah!

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Schedule of Services

Services are held on Friday Nights at 7:30pm at the Historical Chapel.